Scorpio Bundle Set

  • $60.00

The perfect bundle set for a Scorpio ♏️ 
Scorpios are between the dates of October 23-November 21

The scorpion 
The Phoenix 

This set includes 
• Garnet & Wood Stretchy Bracelet
• Apache Tear
• Aquamarine
• Aragonite cluster
• Citrine
• Garnet raw
• Larimar
• Quartz
• Rhyolite Forest Jasper 
• Smoky Quartz
• Sunstone

The Garnet bracelet and raw Garnet crystal is perfect for a Scorpio to strengthen your instinct, so you feel less defensive in situations because you stayed true to yourself. As a water sign, sometimes they will flow with the situation and others before themselves. So it’s important to stay true and grounded within their own. 

Apache Tear is all about controlling the situation to be more conducive and less possessive. The only control we have is within our breathe and our choices in how we react. Grounding Apache Tear which is a form of obsidian will help a Scorpio find healthy patterns that will have balance… and isn’t too extreme on one end or the other. 

Aragonite clusters are so magical. Aragonite will help a Scorpio find flexibility in their thoughts and open their heart to different possibilities. Scorpio’s are fixed signs. Allowing the movement and unreleased energies to flow is very important for scorpios since they can get “fixed” on things. 

Citrine is one of November’s Birthstone. Citrine will bring the power to decisions and allowing Scorpios to harness their emotions as something positive.

Larimar is a perfect stone for this water sign. Larimar will flow the self-sabotage away from the thoughts of a Scorpio. Larimar is a perfect balanced stone of fire and water, so it will bring a cool balanced pathway for scorpios to walk on. People will see their intentions and loyalty. Constructive emotional control is important for our little passionate Scorpio humans. 

Quartz is always a good stone to give to all the signs because it is programmed to work along with you. The clarity it brings will brighten anyones path. 

Rhyolite Forest Jasper will allow a Scorpio to find happiness on a cellular level in everyday reality. It is grounding stone that slow the emotional response in our watery Scorpio.

Smokey Quartz gives strength to those who need it during hard times. It allows emotions to flow through and not get stuck. Scorpio’s are very powerful and it allows negative patterns to be highlighted and dissolved. Brining awareness to areas in a Scorpio’s life where they can let go and make more room for positive habits.

Sunstone will highlight the beauty for a Scorpio to fall into. Shining light in dark places allows a Scorpio to find joy in new ways and let the water and light be a catalyst For change.  Scorpio’s can rise up to the occasion and really make an impact. Their powers are in their emotions once they find peace with them.


We really worked hard to align the crystalline energy with the energy of each Zodica sign. Thanks so much for showing interest.

Each package will come with a crystalline download and be cleansed before shipping.


Many blessings  
Garden Gypsy 🤍 Cas & Lou 🤍