Seed of Life 18k Gold Grid - Small

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Listing is for one magical Seed of Life Grid laser cut in brass & plated with 18k Gold! ~!~ 

<><><><> SEED OF LIFE KNOWLEDGE <><><><>

~ The Seed of Life is at the HEART of the Flower of Life and is considered to have a very deep and sacred meaning. Both patterns can be seen in art and sacred temples around the world. 
~ The Seed of Life is consists of 7 circles overlaying one another, some feel it represents the 7 days of creation. We can confirm with science that this ancient symbol is the same pattern in which human life beings! THE BEGINNING=creation! The cell division and growth of a human being starts with one cell, that splits into two, that keeps going, building on top of one another, folding within and without... Creation! The Build Blocks of Life!! THE SEED OF LIFE!! ~!~ our hearts flowering into creation~~ 
Once you unlock this true underlying foundational knowledge from which the universe and all life were made... you can start to see the correlation between certain geometrical patterns and the natural world.
Some beautiful examples are honey combs, certain flowering plants, proportions of the human body, orbits of the planets, the structure of crystals, the atomic structure of chemicals, music, cell division, and so on. When you look at all of the similarities and think about the ancient origins of the Flower of Life symbol, it is no wonder that there are groups worldwide who meditate upon and feel uplifted by sacred geometry.


This lovely gold grid measures to be 2" x 2 " making it perfect for the center of intentional grid space. 

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