Seraphinite Pendant Earth Angel Necklace

  • $200.00

Earth Angel Seraphinite sterling silver pendant

Hung on an organic herbal dyed chord 


Seraphinite is a form of a silicate mineral called clinochlores. Clinochlores get their name from the Greek word chloros which means green.
This stone was first found in eastern Siberia. But other deposits have been found in Turkey, Switzerland, and Austria. 

Seraphinite has A beautiful rich earthy green color with white mica chatoyant inclusions that are said to resemble feathers or wings. In biblical text, the seraphim is a class of angels. 
Everything about this stone is very angelic and gives off a sense of protection. Helping one feel safe here on earth. The Earth angels are always protecting us. 

It will allows one to feel connected to the spiritual world and Reminds us that we are walking miracles. We are Grounded and at home.
We are one with this planet earth,
we are nature,
we are suppose to be here.
we are safe! 
 Seraphinite helps one tap deeper into their intuition and self awareness. You will Feel very present with this stone! 
Wear this when adventuring into new places, you will feel at home and protected. 
It is also connected to your heart chakra and will blast that magnetic heart right into each moment. 

Thanks for all the Love

Garden Gypsy Collective