Sunflower Honeydew Necklace // Peridot, Amber, & Rhodochrosite

  • $66.00

mmmm all the warm nurturing stones collided together to create this magical force to protect your heartspace. 
*one of a kind necklace* 

made with the beautiful stones of 
+ amber
+ peridot
+ rhodochrosite

bringing a powerful harmony of energies together which will highlight
+ healing
+ abundance 
+ heart opening 
+ emotional balance
+ confidence 
+ happiness


(( this one of a kind necklace was made during the leo season of this past summer~ it is definitely channeling that radiant positivity that leo energy brings to life )) 

all garden gypsy jewelry comes with a lifetime care offering of repairs incase any accidents happen along the way! 

* necklace comes home with a surprise gift from us too!!  

++ email us with questions about this necklace if you have any! thanks for looking at our shop <3