Sunset Lemurian Quartz Crystal

  • $55.00

Stunning & Vibrant natural

SUNSET AURA LEMURIAN QUARTZ from the lands of columbia ~ Lemurian crystals are rare to come by. Their energy is ancient & activating. Most crystal collectors feel the natural draw to own a Lemurian Crystal because of the ancient codes and mysteries it can unveil In your Life.
+ this is a special lemurian that has been aurafied (natural alchemy process involving a heat chamber) with the metal dust of iridium & 14k GOLD!



• stimulating the inner light & crystalline coherence 

• expanding the consciousness and spiritual expression

• activating the visions & actions needed to take to fulfill your creative destiny

• harmonizes with the third eye, heart & sacral chakras.

• stimulates positive self reflection & universal love 

• amplifies creativity and confidence 

• activating the spiritual into physical form 

• Lemurian code resonance 



I Am surprised we haven’t kept this baby for ourselves.. this one is a rare beauty & truly one of a kind for your crystal collection.

+ also noted that this aura process was done in the USA! 
+ we worked really hard not to get aura crystals from China because of the unsure work conditions. 
+ we love choosing 100% ethically sourced minerals! 

++ comes home to you cleansed and charged with gratitude & love ++ also includes a full description of the healing for you to keep in reference ~