Sunshine AUra Cluster

  • $111.00

Magical Sunshine Spirit Aura Quartz ~~ looking light a true unicorn faery castle in the palm of your hands!! Golden facets of rainbows kissed by the aura dust of golds, brass, platinum & more <3 This is a SUPER rare Aura Color to find on such a big spirit quartz! it is a powerful amplifying crystal with so many little facets surrounding it~~ every sparkle it creates is like a harmonious dance of the rainbow frequency aligning with your energy field. Sunshine Spirit Aura Quartz <3 + crystal of initiation & profound multi-dimensional shift + activates your solar power house & creative life force + cleansing and energetic + illuminates your confidence center and courage to shine your light. + deep awareness and insight towards creating the reality you want to thrive in + stimulating creative ability and ideas that assist actions towards your highest potential ~ This wonderful crystal will come home packaged with extra love and cushion to ensure its safety on its way home to you! We will provide you with a little information card and a sweet surprise gift from us!! If you have any more questions regarding this crystal please feel free to reach out <3 Enjoy peeking the rest of the etsy shop & keep in touch on our instagram accounts botanicals & our full site +++++++++++++++++ Sending love and faeri kisses