Sunshine Spirit Aura Quartz Cluster

  • $66.00

listing is for this beautiful mini cluster shown in the photos above. this is a very rare specimen~ naturally a spirit amethyst/quartz from south africa~ sustainably harvested ~~ & consciously aurafied here in the USA! <3 Sunshine Spirit Aura Quartz <3 + crystal of initiation & profound multi-dimensional shift + activates your solar power house & creative life force + cleansing and energetic + illuminates your confidence center and courage to shine your light. + deep awareness and insight towards creating the reality you want to thrive in + stimulating creative ability and ideas that assist actions towards your highest potential comes home safely wrapped for you with a special note of its healing and metaphysical magic ~ Thanks for taking a look at our shop & keep in touch on our instagram!! Instagram: GardenGypsy_collective full website ~~