Light Tangerine Quartz point from Brazil

  • $11.00

ONE Spectacular little Crystal Clear Iron Quartz point //
with a tint of tangerine hue to it naturally. //
From Brazil 
(( measures: 1.75" x 1" and measures 3" wrapped around ))
weighs: 1.1oz 

++ Resonates with the Sacral Chakra & the element of Fire. ++

.::Metaphysical Attributes Of Tangerine Quartz::.
+ Stimulates the joyful, creative energy of the inner child.
+ encourages playfulness and the ability to explore ones world and experiences with fearless curiosity
+ brings a new sense of confidence to your being and reminds you of the right to feel the authentic childlike wonder we can ponder in life when we are attracted to something new.
+ stimulates passion on all levels-- from sexual passion to the passionate mind. Tangerine Quartz helps one express passion through joyful creativity.
+ excellent for artists, poets, and others who wish to playfully approach the creative expression of ideas and feelings. 
+ Assists one in overcoming fear- especially fear of "not being good enough"   <><><><><><><>

+ Crystal Comes home to you wrapped carefully with extra love & a special note reminding you of the crystal information.
Also includes a special garden gypsy surprise from us :) 

crystal blessings & light love, G a r D e n >>: G Y p S y :>> C o L L e c T i V e ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::