Torus Vortex Sacred Geometry 18k Gold Grid

  • $22.00


This listing is for one 2 1/2 " x 2 1/2 " sacred 18k gold plated grid 

+ use this grid to amplify & focus on your intentions & healing 
+ charge your crystals, water, jewelry, etc. with sacred geometry & golden light energies
+ place this grid in sacred space or on your alter to amplify positive vibrations & for extra protection
+ use during an energy healing practice
Examples:  put under the healing table or pillow for extra focus & intention, to physically put the grid on your body during energy work, and many more creative ways to utilize this tool 


Researching the Torus Vortex has led us down a very interesting path, we have learned that it has many unique discoveries, it is a mathematical occurrence, and many believe it is tied to black holes and creation energy.
Many people understand this phenomenon by rings of smoke, dolphins bubbles, air bubbles, or a "mushroom/ donut cloud vortex" from an explosion.
Hurricanes, tornadoes, the magnetic fields around the stars and planets, and further more, the whole galaxy systems themselves are all toroidal energy systems. 
Many believe this is the pattern that occurs in a black hole!~!~

We believe having this symbol around will balance polarities in the room or physical body. It will give your sacred spaces a center or ground to feel balance and rooted from within. Our actual heart pulsing energies move around us with the toroidal sense. 

>> These grids are amazing for using in your sacred alters as energetic decoration and tools, or it can also be used in energy healings for amplification.


** all grids come with a crystalline gift **