Calming Alignment Crystal Set // large kyanite, chrysocolla & hematite

  • $144.44





Calming & grounding 

Purifying your aura

Opening your heart

aligning with your truth & divine communication 


this is a powerful set of minerals to have in your home & sacred space

Bulbous Hematite from Morocco 🕸

~ grounding your root chakra 

~ stimulating the blood 

~ balances the body, mind & spirit 

~ strong & supportive 

~ prevents you from absorbing negativity 

Blue Kyanite from Brazil 🦋

~ purifies the aura, opens the throat chakra 

~ cuts through fears & energy blockages

~ encourages self expression and speaking your truth

~ bridges energy gaps in physical and spiritual imbalances

~ aligning to your truth and confidence  

Chrysocolla from Africa 🦕

~ peace, tranquility & unconditional love

~ stone of communication 

~ heart opening emotional balance 

~ this is a copper mineral but is very feminine and connected to the gentleness and truth within 


comes home wrapped extra careful to keep these beauties safe!! 
they will include their healing properties to keep 

& a gift from us too 💗

all minerals are ethically sourced 🌲