White Spirit Quartz

  • $25.00

Perfect little Spirit Quartz point from South Africa <3

Spirit Quartz truly brings your spirit into play with all aspects of ones inner and outer life. It aligns your everyday self with your true higher essence. it amplifies your awareness to a whole new level ~ 

Spirit Quartz is a unique variety and growth pattern of Quartz, only coming from South Africa. This particular batch of crystals was hand picked by a good friend of ours who travels there and makes sure they are ethically sourced and consciously shared. 

+ It activates all energy centers and is most resonant with the physical body, especially for support of the physical healing process and in revitalizing energy levels.

+ bringing mental clarity and purification 

+ the white/ clear version of this crystal is highly programmable 


comes home to you wrapped carefully with love & a gift of gratitude.

also comes with a small healing properties note for you to keep.