About Us!

The Two Garden Faeries Behind Garden.Gypsy 
Cas & Lou
 inspirational artistic intuitive's
that create intention & harmony with each action ~~

cas & lou are consciously fusing The Elements together to share & harness more beauty.  They co-create an honoring of sacred natural tools and metaphysics of our past and our future through creation 

Here they host small batch collections of ethically sourced gemstones, hand craft one of a kind Jewelry, unique home decor & natural aromatherapy body care products.

With 13 plus years of studying gemstones & minerals, Cas & Lou embody all accepts of their life to embody the crystalline energy. They share classes to children, host DIY classes, and so much more.  

One of the most important aspects of Garden.Gypsy's Crystals & Minerals is the deep passion for supporting the mine owners, conscious sustainable harvesting, and supporting only Conflict-Free gemstones & minerals. Garden Gypsy took years of building relationships and finding the perfect source to match their earth loving intentions. Aho.