About Us!

 is a collective of artists/ healers/ intuitives
coming together to create & harmonize ~~

we are consciously fusing the elements together to share more beauty while co-creating & honoring the sacred natural tools and metaphysics. 

Here we host small batch collections of ethically sourced gemstones from all over the world, we hand craft one of a kind Jewelry & natural body care products (aromatherapy and herbalism).

We have been studying and working with crystalline energies for over 13 years, and we have been learning natural medicines for about that long too. We love sharing the knowledge through these products and helping individuals find their own flow in their spiritual nature and daily rituals.

We have a variety of home decor & magical faerie treasures as well ~ handmade & antique ~ perfect for all ages to enjoy!  

2020 changes have transcended the old and propelled the new ~ activating us to really honor the projects we have been putting on the back burner the last few years~ like: patreon offerings, youtube channel, more art & creations on the website, a blog of all the topics we love covering, expanded intuitive offerings~
( healing sessions & private tarot readings ) 

We also will be highlighting and including some of our local and worldwide friends with different specializations, talents & offerings.
  So as these waves of change unfold in the times, we are taking this opportunity to solidify new ideas for the future of what we see for our little garden gypsy collective ~ 

love you all~ Cas & Stephy Lou