About Us

A little bit about Garden Gypsy Collective's roots~

We are Cas & Stephy Lou 
the faeries behind this growing garden
we are multifaceted intuitive artists
 activated by the crystalline frequencies.

Garden Gypsy Collective has been in the crystal industry for over 11 years together now learning how to be the most conscious crystalline faeries in the gem realm! We spent our first years in business fluttering all over the country to different art & metaphysical shows, fairs, markets, festivals & more. 

and now we embark on a brand new chapter of our story…


Our first brick and mortar store! with this new energy we have decided to re brand our name as we expand our pathway and potential for the future. Crystal Lume was inspired by our Lemurian lineage that the crystals have reawakened in our memories. Luminous Lemurian love~ 



In our world we share the magic of metaphysics,
astrology, intentional self discovery, creativity, healing,
aromatherapy, herbalism, & connecting to the divine nature all around us. 


One of the most important aspects of working with Crystals & Minerals is our deep passion for supporting the mine owners, conscious sustainable harvesting, and supporting only Conflict-Free sources. Garden Gypsy took years of building relationships and finding the perfect source to match their earth loving intentions. Aho.